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MOMA Wales

I've enjoyed a little break by the sea this week and while in the area, there's always time to detour to MOMA Wales in Machynlleth. In the first room were some rather lovely still life paintings by Margaret Foreman. It was fascinating to see her highly detailed and intricately worked painting style, especially after I've recently been looking at work that's been much more impressionistic.

I did a search and found she has a website with many more works illustrated including her portraits which are what she is best known for. You can find her site here if you are interested to see more.

Upstairs was the Open Tabernacle Art Competition which this year is themed 'Legend'. There was a great selection of work on display. Please excuse my photos, as you can see, the works were hung academy style and so some were rather high up.

A few of the ones which caught my eye...

Above: Pete Monaghan, Butter Blue Barns, mixed media.

Above and detail below: Jane Butterworth, St N…

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